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I still cannot believe the difference between my life a month ago and now. Since I started seeing Sandra, I feel balanced, happier, and have a better mindset. She predicted so many things that were about to change in my life, and I’m watching them happen now. Thank you so, so much for all of your work and prayer.
Sarah Biersack

Never been to a psychic before and her reading amazed me now I am a true believer very warm smile and very inviting environment she made me feel better in the first five minutes and knew everything about me will definitely go back.
Mandy Bruno

Sandra’s Tarot reading was awesome and extremely accurate. I would recommend her for any life and love question.
Linda Aghajanian

Went to Sandra for a full life reading, she was very accurate, she told me things that only I knew, she was very nice and good vibes around her, I would recommend her For anyone that needs insights on their future.
Sarah Williams

Had a reading by Sandra, it was amazing such an inviting space, and everything was very to the point, definitely going to see her again.
Greg Thompson

Super impressed with the tarot card and palm reading I had. By far the best psychic in Connecticut, will absolutely recommend.
Shawn C.

Wow! Just had a telephone reading with Sandra – completely blown away with her insight and the depth of knowledge she had on my past & current situation. I plan on working with her at least once a month, but probably more. Very gifted psychic!
Barry B.


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